Despite its goth-sounding name, skullcap doesn’t make you dark or broody – in fact, it helps you stay calm, healthy, and balanced.

Skullcap (or “scullcap”) is the common name for the different plant species in genus Scutellaria. They’re called “skullcaps” because of the helmet-like shape of the calyx – that part of the plant that encloses and protects its buds. The different species of skullcap plant have many uses in traditional medicine, particularly in Chinese and American medicine.

Scutellariabaicalensis has long been used in Chinese medicine to treat fevers, lung problems, and liver problems. The root of the Chinese skullcap plant is also one of three herbal remedies for “clearing internal heat” and restoring proper balance within the body.

Scutellarialateriflora, known as American skullcap, was known as“the Mad Dog weed” in the 1700s because it was allegedly an effective treatment for rabies in both humans and dogs. More recently, the herb has been studied as a potential remedy for a rare typeof cancer called Fibrosarcoma. It has been proven to significantly reduce tumors, but further study is required before it can be considered a natural remedy for cancer. 

American skullcap was also well-known amongNative American tribes for its ability to aid and promote menstruation, so they often used it in coming-of-age ceremonies for young girls to welcome them into womanhood. It was also used to treat diarrhea, kidney problems, and breast pain, as well as a mild sedative to aid with insomnia and anxiety. In 2004, a study involving healthy and “mildly anxious” participants showed that American skullcap “significantly enhanced” the mood of the study’s participants without affecting their cognition or energy levels.

Today, skullcap leaf is still commonly used as an ingredient in herbal remedies, tea, or tonics meant to treat insomnia and anxiety. That’s why we’ve also included it in the Sekaya Cozy Calm Botanic Infusion. Made with skullcap leaf and other calming ingredients like chamomile flower, catnip leaf, and decaffeinated Indian green tea, Cozy Calm is a soothing infusion that can help you unwind, relax, and get a good night’s rest.

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