In a fast-paced world where we live in, having healthy pauses to check on your mind and body wellness can go a long way. Read on how self-care impacts our daily activities, and, generally, how we live our everyday lives.

Self-care: It’s More than a Basic Need

When was the last time you dropped everything to do something for yourself? The last time you went to a movie, hung out with a friend, or even the last time you did nothing? If it took you more than a minute to answer, then it probably has been a while.

But what is self-care and what does that have to do with granting yourself these little pleasures? Self-care is about living a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also more than that. It’s more than eating healthy, doing regular exercises, or proper hygiene.

Self-care is looking after your body while also being conscious of how your mind is doing. By allowing yourself to take a break, you permit your mind and body to breathe. By indulging in rewarding moments, you allow yourself to feel good. And this is where the magic of self-care happens.

At its core, self-care is a way of minimizing stress by finding moments to align yourself with your mind and body.

Have a Mindful Moment or Two

Self-care is often associated with pampering activities such as visiting the spa for a massage, or having a grand vacation at some quiet resort on the countryside. But really, self-care can come in smaller, yet impactful, doses. Take these examples:

Find your much-needed pause with botanic infusions, carefully put together to aid you on your self-care journey:

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