We celebrate Earth Day in accordance with the UN’s 1992 Rio Declaration; a call for all nations to promote environmental awareness.

In other words, more than just a form of synchronized blackout that lasts only 60 minutes a year, Earth Day is actually supposed to remind us of our collective duty to conserve our resources. It all sounds so serious, doesn’t it? Anything related to sustainability usually is. But we all know that we can contribute to this cause in small ways. Recycling is the most popular way to do it on the household level. But it doesn’t have to stop there. With a little imagination, being environmentally responsible in our own homes can also turn into exercises in creativity.

Upcycling: The Creative Way to Recycle

Instead of just recycling things around the house, why not try up cycling? It involves taking old items and reusing them in ways that are different from what they were initially intended for.

Creative Up cycle Projects Featuring Old Sekaya Bottles

Sekaya is a line of botanic infusions that are produced through sustainable processes. Their products come in cylindrical glass bottles that can easily be repurposed in different ways. Just in time for Earth Day, here are three different ways to upcycle your old Sekaya bottles.

1.    Floating Candleholders

Make your own floating candle holders with water, tea candles, some twigs, and your old Sekaya bottles.  Fill three-quarters of each bottle with water. Add some twigs, and place tea candles on top.

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2.    Hand-painted Cylindrical Flower Vases

Paint your old Sekaya bottles with acrylic enamel paint and let dry. Pour about a quart of warm water into the bottle. Place 1 to 3 freshly cut flowers (with stems) in each bottle.

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3.    Self-watering mini Herb Garden

Build your own self-watering mini herb garden using old Sekaya bottles (cut, used as a reservoir), beer bottles (cut, use neck part), some herbs, soil, 2”x2” screen, string, and water.

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For more information about Sekaya and their line of organic botanic infusions, designed to promote overall wellness, visit: www.sekaya.com.ph/products.

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