Stress is more than just that overwhelming feeling you get when you are under pressure. When not taken seriously, it can weaken your immune system and lead to chronic conditions. In extreme cases, it can even contribute to the development of cancer.

What stress does to you

Not all stress is bad. The type of stress that you feel when you are about to present something in front of a crowd or to your boss is the fleeting or acute kind; and it is normal for you to feel it once in a while. The kind of stress that you really need to worry about is the chronic version, or the one that seems to never go away. Having to deal with financial difficulties or a hostile work environment are examples of situations that can cause chronic stress.

When you are under chronic stress, your body tends to release increased amounts of cortisol; a hormone that is known to cause fatigue, anxiety, and high blood pressure1. If left untreated, chronic stress can cause the body to produce an alarming amount of cortisol, which can lead to mental disorders, memory loss, and even damage the immune system.

Stress and cancer

Over the past few decades, scientists have tried to understand the relationship between chronic stress and cancer.  But although they have yet to come out with more evidence that directly links stress to cancer, studies on the effects of chronic stress to people who already have cancer have revealed that it has an effect on cancer metastasis (or the spreading of cancer cells)2.

Dealing with stress through relaxation

Learning about the serious effects of chronic stress can be a bit overwhelming. But if you choose to, there are simple ways to learn to deal with stress right before it threatens to do more harmful things to your body. One of the best and simplest methods to combat stress is to learn to relax. Taking deep breaths whenever you feel like you need to slow down helps you train your body to resist stress. For cases that require more than just deep breathing, consider doing mindfulness exercises to help you keep your emotions in check.

If you want a more herbal approach to stress relief however, we recommend taking Sekaya’s Easy Chill; a botanic blend of herbs, flowers, and fruits designed to refresh and bring you to a relaxed state. It has rose buds that are proven to help relieve anxiety, and boost the immune system, and linden flower, which is known for its detoxifying and anxiety-relieving properties. Easy Chill also has spearmint, lemongrass, elderberries, and raspberry leaves. Next time you find yourself getting stressed out, prepare yourself an ice-cold glass of Sekaya’s Easy Chill to help ease your mind and senses.

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