Sustain your healthy eating habits with Sekaya Raw Actives. 

Diet fads and nutrition trends may come and go, but if there’s one health advice that has stood the test of time it’s “Eat your vegetables.” Everyone from parents to dietitians and health experts have put their weight behind putting vegetables on your plate, and here’s why. 

The Harvard Health Publishing and the nutrition experts at the Harvard School of Public Health have created the Healthy Eating Plate based on the latest nutrition research. The recommendation states that half of the plate should be comprised of vegetables and fruits – a selection that aims for color and variety – while the rest should be comprised of healthy protein and whole grains.  

Harvard’s recommendation follows the MyPlate campaign, which was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Health. It says that healthy eating includes taking different kinds of vegetables like dark-green, starchy, red and orange, and beans and peas. The experts here emphasized that those who eat more vegetables and fruits are likely to have reduced risk of heart disease, other chronic diseases, and even some types of cancer. 

Scientists in the United Kingdom have also presented a similar recommendation. A study led by the Imperial College London in 2017 suggests eating up to 800g of fruits and vegetables daily to stay healthy and avoid chronic diseases or an early death.

Whether you want to follow one of these healthy eating guides or simply increase your vegetable consumption, you might find yourself facing some challenges in sourcing and storing fresh produce and sustaining the habit because of limited access and lack of prep time. 

Sekaya Raw Actives, a curated line of nutrient-dense plant-based superfoods, can help you easily harness phytonutrients or the beneficial compounds in plants and incorporate them into your diet. These plant-based, USDA organic superfoods are available in ready-to-mix powdered format, so you can conveniently stir them in a glass of water and smoothie or sprinkle on pancakes and overnight oats. If you’re feeling more adventurous, they can also be mixed into savory meals and baked treats, instantly adding plant-based nutrition in every bite.   

Sekaya Raw Actives Vegan Protein provides 18g of protein per scoop to complement an active lifestyle or for those who are not getting enough protein. It’s made from not just one plant-based protein source but a blend of three: peas, quinoa, and brown rice, so it’s also rich in potassium, calcium, and iron. With the combination of different plant proteins, it allows you to have the complete essential amino acids in every serving. 

It also has naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which the body cannot produce on its own but are essential in building muscle and reducing muscle soreness and workout fatigue. 

Sekaya Raw Actives Pea Protein also contains BCAAs but it offers more plant-based protein per scoop at 23g. What makes it different is that it’s rich in essential amino acids like Arginine that can help combat fatigue and Lysine that may reduce anxiety. Plant-based proteins like pea also have other benefits such as tending to have lower calorie and fat content than animal protein, while being higher in fiber and essential nutrients. 

Every half a teaspoon of Sekaya Raw Actives Maca Factor contains four times the phytonutrients of regular maca root to help increase your energy, lower cortisol levels, and up your body’s ability to adapt and keep stress at bay. Other organic maca root powder benefits also include reducing blood sugar and improving memory

If you want improved athletic power, beets should be part of your must-have veggies, and if they are difficult to get and prepare fresh, then Sekaya Raw Actives Powerbeet would be your solution. It’s a good source of nitric oxide as every scoop equals to two whole beetroots, which are known for their high nitrate content. Once consumed, nitrates are converted into nitric oxide that can help improve blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles for prolonged workouts or athletic activities. 

It also contains ElevATP®, which is a natural combination of ancient peat and apple polyphenols clinically shown to increase levels of endogenous ATP and support improved strength, power, and performance in resistance-trained athletes. Research has indicated that oral supplementation with exogenous ATP is unreliable for increasing ATP levels since it breaks down in the gut. ElevATP® is unique in that it naturally helps us produce our own ATP the way nature intended.

A scoop of Sekaya Raw Actives Daily Greens powder is equivalent to 50 leaves of spinach and kale that are considered some of the most healthful greens. This powerful blend of leafy greens is a great source for your daily dose of vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, K, B1, B2, and B6 as well as calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and folic acid. With the health benefits that can be harnessed from spinach and kale, Daily Greens may help prevent the onset of chronic diseases, keep your body healthy, and provide you a much-needed push to meet the demands of the daily grind. 

For those who want to detox their body, Sekaya Raw Actives Barley Green is a must-try. Each serving is equal to 60 leaves of barley grass, which is known to be a good source of dietary fiber for better digestive health and beta-glucan that helps lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar management. Barley Green also contains chlorophyll, which is known to support the liver’s ability to remove toxins and waste from the body. 

With Sekaya Raw Actives, adding more veggies to your plate is an easy but impactful change you can make for your health. 




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