It’s made from 99.9% aloe ferox that can naturally repair and moisturize the skin and more 

Taking care of your skin usually requires a multi-step approach—cleanse, tone, moisturize, repeat, add more steps before, after, or in between. But oftentimes, beauty enthusiasts have this “holy grail” product that they swear by for the simplest reason: They actually work. Finding these kinds of products that are effective in addressing your skin concerns entails trial and error, but a safer and more efficient way of doing so is to scrutinize the science behind its key ingredients and how it’s made. 

If you’re on the lookout for a new product to include in your skincare routine, consider adding Sekaya Botanicare Skin Repair Gel to your must-haves. Here are three reasons why. 


Aloe ferox is the main ingredient. You surely have heard of aloe vera, but aloe ferox is another aloe you would love to know more about. Also known as bitter aloe or Cape aloe, aloe ferox is an evergreen succulent that’s endemic to the Cape Region of South Africa and Lesotho. 


Because of its well-documented medicinal value and importance as a key ingredient in cosmetic formulations, the leaves of this succulent have been harvested for hundreds of years for their sap (added to drinks and medicines) and more recently for their gel (used in skin and hair care products). Aloe ferox has also been used since ancient times as a generic chemopreventive and anti-tumor remedy and as a laxative. It has also been used to combat arthritis, sinusitis, hypertension, and stress, as well as conjunctivitis and other eye infections. It has also been reported that aloe ferox has anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antimalarial properties.  


Quality and safety. Most people today have become more conscious about the skincare and cosmetic products they apply on their skin, consciously avoiding certain synthetic ingredients that can have a variety of undesirable side effects, especially for people with sensitive skin and potential allergic reactions. As a response, natural skincare products have become a trend. However, labeling a product “natural” can technically mean that “at least some natural ingredients have been used for the formula” and the rest may still be harmful synthetic ingredients. This is not the case for Sekaya Botanicare Skin Repair Gel.


As the first product under Sekaya’s Botanicare brand, a line of premium natural skin care products to help keep even the most sensitive skin healthy and smooth all over, this product is made from 99.9% aloe ferox, meaning it mostly contains a natural ingredient. To further ensure its safety and quality, this product continues Sekaya’s promise of optimizing natural ingredients through stringent testing and processing in pharma-grade facilities. 


Multifunctional gel. Because it’s a member of the aloe family, aloe ferox is often seen a moisturizer and a remedy for sunburn. However, this leaf extract, which is the main ingredient of the Sekaya Botanicare Skin Repair Gel, can address many other skin concerns, from moisturizing dry skin to helping repair damage caused by sunburn, acne, wounds, and stretch marks. 


In relation to burns or scalds, aloe ferox gel has been found to help alleviate pain and reduce the chances of infection and scarring while supporting the healing process. It can also reduce itching caused by insect bites; may help alleviate the symptoms of extreme skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema; may decrease and possibly help remove minor scars with continuous application, and help treat acne cases. This gel can also help enhance the complexion, due to its aloesin and arbutin content that can inhibit hyperpigmentation. Scientific literature also supports aloe ferox gel’s anti-aging properties since it’s has shown to increase blood flow to the area it’s applied on, which can help improve the regeneration of skin cells. 


As the largest organ in your body, it’s really wise to care for your skin in the best way possible—and the reasons are more than skin deep. Aside from being the first thing that people notice about you, it also serves as your outermost protective barrier against infections and other harmful elements that keep your muscles, bones, and internal organs safe. That’s why it’s a must to use and stick to products that are proven safe, high quality, and effective in keeping your skin well hydrated and free from damage. Consider it as a vital step in taking care of yourself and your overall wellness. 



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