Dandelions are more than just pretty wildflowers. Each part of the flowering plant is edible, and people have long discovered its many health benefits. One of these health benefits is detoxification, wherein the body rids itself of toxins that can take a toll on one’s health. With the amount of toxins we unconsciously encounter everyday, detoxing has become a healthy necessity. Herein comes dandelion’s roots, proven to be effective detoxifiers. What are the health benefits one can gain from a dandelion’s roots, and how can it help in detoxing?

Dandelion Roots for Detoxing

Here’s a handy list on how dandelion roots can help in detoxing:

Sekaya Botanic Infusion takes all of the dandelion root’s natural healing benefits and combines it with other botanicals to maximize its detoxifying properties, validated by scientific evidence. The dandelion root plays an important role in Sekaya’s detox and cleansing teas like Gentle Detox, and an ingredient in the digestion tea Regular Move.

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