There’s a term that we like to use to describe heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. We call them “lifestyle diseases”; illnesses that are believed to be the result of unhealthy habits.

But despite all the information available tothe public regarding the subject, there still appears to be a prevailingculture of ignorance that prevents the majority from dealing with themeffectively. According to preventive medicinepractitioners, a considerably big chunk of humanity still fails to understandthat it is possible to prevent and even reverse these so-called lifestylediseases without having to depend on maintenance medicines.


Prevention as cure

It’s common knowledge that certainfoods bring irreparable damage to the human body. That said, is it reallynecessary to put yourself at risk of cardiovascular diseases or diabetes whenyou already know that you can avoid them with healthier choices? But we allknow that going for the preventive route is way more rewarding than spending afortune on cures that you have to live with for the rest of your life.  


Natural Solution

Two studies* made in 2005 and 2014reveal that vegetable-rich diets tend to raise the body’s levels of magnesium,fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids and phytochemicals. The laterstudy also concluded that vegan diets tend to offer considerable protection from obesity, hypertension, type-2diabetes, and complications from cardiovascular diseases. According to doctorswho believe in preventive treatment, plant-based foods can significantly reduceone’s chances of suffering from major diseases.


Then again, it’s not like goingfrom meat lover to devout vegan is as easy as changing your shirt. And this iscompletely understandable. Doctors who practice preventive medicine areconvinced that following a diet that contains more plant-based food (meaningover 60% of your daily diet consists of vegetables and fruits) cansignificantly reduce a person’s chances of suffering from heart disease andmetabolic syndromes, among other conditions.


Make healthier choices now

Becoming healthier and disease-freeis not something that you can accomplish overnight. Making changes to your dietin the hopes of completely eliminating all chances of getting lifestylediseases requires dedication and discipline. 


Be mindful with what you put onyour plate by calculating a ratio of 60-70% plants based food and 30-40%animal-based food.  Discovering thebenefits of organic plant-based products could help you decide to be consciousof what you put in your body. One way to do this is through experiencing theproducts of Sekaya, a local line of botanic infusions that promote overallwellness. Every infusion from the line is designed to target a specific aspectof a person’s health or lifestyle. For example, the Yin Yang Balance and Flu Brew infusions help boost the immune system, while brews like Pu-erh Trim, Honeybush Delight, and Hibiscus Petals help manage cholesterol, blood sugar,and blood pressure respectively. Sekaya has over 20 organic botanic infusionsdesigned to promote balance and harmony in the body. And because they take careto include interesting flavors into their brews, using their infusions as yourintroduction to a more organic-centric lifestyle will be just as enjoyable asit is bound to be healthful.


Subscribing to a predominantlyplant-based diet, keeping up an active lifestyle, and introducing Sekaya’sbotanic infusions into your daily habits may very well be the beginning of ahealthier and quality life for you.


For moreinformation about Sekaya and their line of organic botanic infusions designedto promote overall wellness, visit: www.sekaya.com.ph/products.


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